Church Census System

This system first developed in 1985, was re-written in Microsoft Access in 1995. The system is updated every year based on input from our current users.

The Raiche Consultants Church census system contains in one place one of the most comprehensive information system available for tracking your parishioners.

Cost of the system is just $500 to purchase and $400 a year to maintain support. We do not charge by parishioner or size of parish. Yearly support includes unlimited phone support and up to 2 hours of customized training as well as the yearly release.

Some basic functions of our software:

  • Complete family data.
  • Complete data on each individual member.
  • Sacramental information.
  • Religious Education Program management.
  • Track your confirmation program start to finish.
  • Time, Talent and Treasure program.
  • Annual Parish Status report.
  • Weekly Fund Contributions.
  • Annual Appeal Contributions.
  • Unlimited number of parish Activities.
  • Hundreds of reports and labels to find all the information.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office products.
  • Add-on* to print Sacramental certificates.
  • Add-on* to track multi-year pledge programs.

*An add-on requires and additional purchase.
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